11 Steps to improve your Brain Health

How to improve your Brain Health: 

1) Exercise: 
- improves cognition
- improves memory
- protects against age related degenerative changes. 

2) Drink coffee: 
- Keeps you alert. 
- Helps you stay focused
- Improves your intelligence, reaction time and reasoning. 

3) Come out in sunlight: 
- Improves Vitamin D which improves brain function and slows down age related degeneration. 
- Improves mood and decreases stress level. 

4) Get connected with people: 
- Improves cognitive function and psychological health. 
- Improves sleep, maintains blood pressure and prevents depression. 
- Improves an overall feeling of well-being. 

5) Eat healthy food you like: 
- Vitamins, antioxidant reach food. 
- Improves your mood. 
- Prevents degenerative changes. 

6) Take good night sleep: 
- Improves learning and memory. 
- Prevents age related brain degeneration. 
- Elevates mood and improves psychological health. 

7) Meditate and do yoga: 
- Improves mood. 
- Increases congnitive ability, focus. 
- Decreases stress levels. 

8) Quit smoking: 
- Improves cognitive ability. 
- Decreases age related brain degeneration. 
- Decreases stress. 

9) Learn a language or a musical instrument. 

10) Turn off television

11) Read something.