7 best tips you will ever hear to get rid of anxiety.

Anxiety is a negative emotion and an experience. It ranges from a very low level stress or nervousness to a sharp panic attack. Anxiety is frequently an outcome of fear and loss of control over something. Don’t let the stress catch you. Beat the stress and anxiety with ease. Below is a list of some simple tips to relieve anxiety you may never have heard about. 

A free hug therapy for anxiety attack 

Hug someone you love and someone who cares for you. Hugging is one of the best ways to express love and affection. It releases an important neurotransmitter of the brain, called Oxytocin. This is called a love hormone and it makes you feel extremely comfortable, composed and happy. Besides, it also reduces cortisol, the stress hormone!

Free Hug therapy for anxiety relief

So, whenever you suffer from any anxiety attack, give and get some hugs.

Use your smart phones smartly (at least now)

Everyone has smart phones (okay at least one smart phone) these days. Brace yourself from the pestering thoughts by watching some funny videos or browsing something funny! There are so many funnier things available outside your smart phones to explore! Read out some jokes and continue it until you get a good laugh!

Get rid of the depression by playing some games. You may have a liking for at least one or two games outside your smart phone. Knock off someone in your favorite game and feel fresh with a light mind.

Square Breathing to Curb Down Anxiety

You may know that breathing can really help you calm down. Yet, ‘square breathing’ is different from what you may already know about ‘breathing’. What is square breathing? Breathe in slowly until you count 6. Hold your breath for 6 counts. Breathe out slowly for 6 counts and hold the breath for 6 counts. That makes the ‘square breathing’. Remember to count slowly. Don’t rush up.

Square Breathing to relieve your anxiety.

Sometimes, just breathing won’t help you to get rid of the anxiety attack! Take square breathes for around 5 minutes.

Since you concentrate on counting, holding, releasing and inhaling, you forget about the anxiety trigger!

Express your emotions

Just pour out your emotions. You need not share your worries or fear to others. Even crying will help you calm down. If you feel crying is inferior, write it down in a piece of paper or draft an email.

Gear up and cheer up! 

De-clutter your brain

A messy room, a disorganized work schedule or even muddled desk aggravates your anxiety! Just spend a few minutes cleaning up and organizing everything. This is the best way to manipulate your brain. When everything gets neat and clean, your thoughts get organized and clear.

Kill ANT

ANT refers to Automatic Negative Thoughts! ANT makes you stressed and fuels the depression. As said above, divert your mind. Move away from the place that made you stress out! Hear some music.

Panic Attacks – The Black Magic 

Anxiety Attack and how to treat it

When you cannot control your anxiety, you may develop a panic attack. It makes you shiver from internally, you may drop breathing and heart beats, develop cold hands and feet, chill body, and you may feel like you are going to die soon. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you may faint during panic attacks! Panic attack is like a black magic. You feel at the verge of your existence, but some simple steps given below may help you recover quickly.

  • Inhale some fresh air
  • Drink a cup of hot beverage to rejuvenate yourself

Quick tips for anxiety relief

  • When you are too nervous, your blood sugar level drops. Eat something quick and delicious.
  • You may need magnesium supplements to prevent anxiety attacks
  • Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated
  • Get enough sleep
  • Involve in some fun and recreational activity for 20 minutes. This short break, breaks-up your anxiety and depression. 

In case you have repeated, uncontrollable anxiety or if you are not able to relieve anxiety with above given tips you may need expert medical advice and personal attention. The above content is for information purpose only and should not be taken as an alternative to medical advice or consultation. In case of a medical emergency always consult doctor immediately.