Amazing Tips to Permanently Get rid of those Dark Circles under Your Eyes

Dark circle under your eyes! It is something more complicated than a chronic condition. Yes, it ruins your appearance and makes you look tiresome, aged and dull!

Dark circle is nothing but discoloration of the skin under the eyes. Dark circles under your eyes are an apparent sign that you didn’t give sufficient rest to your eyes! Simply, you are sleep deprived. Besides, dark circle often accompanies puffy eyes or bags under eyes.  Often you would have heard there is no permanent cure for dark circle under your eyes. It is not true as long as you stick to a routine that doesn’t compromise your health.

Home Remedies to cure dark circles under your eyes permanently

Rose Water

Rose water is a natural cleanser and skin toner. Soak a cotton ball in rose water and gently apply on the under eye circles. You can do it regularly. Rose water improves the skin tone and naturally lightens the dark circles.

Rose water for dark circles under eyes

Instead of rose water, you can also grind the fresh petals of rose flower (any color) and apply the paste on the dark circles.

Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood is a natural coolant! It also has amazing skin brightening properties. Applying sandalwood paste on your skin eases irritation, adds complexion to your skin and makes your skin glow. Apply the sandalwood paste over the under eye circles. It also curb down the eye irritation and swelling.

Moon Beam Flower

Called as Chandi in Hindi, it is a beautiful flower with amazing healing properties with respect to eyes. It is used for ages to cure many eye ailments. It also treats the under eye bags and dark circles.

Moon beam flower for dark circles under eyes

It is a simple white flower that blossoms upon the moon rise. It is found easily everywhere and grown in many homes.

Wrap the flower in a soft cloth and crush it. Apply the juice into your eyes. Alternatively, place the cloth over the eyes covering the dark circles. It provides nourishment to your eyes. 


Tomato is not a popular ingredient used to treat skin conditions. However, tomatoes are more powerful and carry amazing healing properties than lemon. It contains natural bleaching elements and improves the skin color of the under eye circles.

Tomatoes are relatively safer than using lemon on your skin, because lemon is not recommended on dry and sensitive skin. Make a paste with fresh tomatoes and apply it.

Milk and Gram Flour Mask

That’s a good old face mask used to improve the skin complexion. Mix milk with gram flour and apply the paste on your face.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E for dark circles under eyes

Puffy eyes and dark circle under your eyes signifies you need more vitamin E. Pop in vitamin E capsule and apply the oil. Alternatively, you can also massage the eyes with almond oil. Do this regularly and you will find the dark circles vanishing away! 

Tips to permanent cure dark circles under your eyes


Importance of sleep to prevent dark circles under eyes

It is all about sleep when it comes to most of the problems associated with eyes. Sleep well. A good night’s sleep means no stress, no puffiness and no dark circles.

Address puffy eyes

Puffy eyes are a cause of dark circle under your eyes. When the puffiness reduces, the dark circle eases off. To reduce the under eye bags, change your sleeping routine. Stick to healthy sleeping pattern and sleep for at least 7 hours a day. Keep your head elevated to restrict fluid accumulating under the eyes.

Drink a lot of water and cut down your salt intake to reduce the puffiness.  

Nasal decongestion

nasal decongestion for cure of puffy eyes

If you are prone to allergies and often suffer from nasal congestion, you obviously develop dark circles under your eyes. You can use a neti pot to rinse the nasal path and keep the sinus passage off from infections.

Improve blood circulation

Do some simple facial exercises or massages to keep the blood flow in tact in your face.

In most cases, these home remedies permanently cure the dark circles. If you find no improvement, you should visit a doctor and diagnose the condition.