Can there be false positive and false negative lab test results
A "false positive test result" test result is one that shows a disease or condition is present when it is not present. A false-positive test result may suggest that a person has the disease or condition when he or she does not have it. For example, a false-positive pregnancy test result would appear to detect the substance that confirms pregnancy when in reality the woman is not pregnant.

A false negative test result test result is one that does not detect what is being tested for even though it is present. A false-negative test result may suggest that a person does not have a disease or condition being tested for when he or she does have it. For example, a false-negative pregnancy test result would be one that does not detect the substance that confirms pregnancy, when the woman really is pregnant.

Some lab tests can give you specific information. For example, your doctor may suspect you have sore throat and order a throat culture to see if streptococcus bacteria are present. A positive lab test confirms that you have strep throat and helps your doctor choose the right treatment for you.

And some lab test results such as your lipid Profile results alone may not be useful for interpretation, your doctor may use other findings such as your age, blood pressure, life style etc. to interpret whether your test results are normal or abnormal