Cases of abdominal pain that call for an immediate consultation with your doctor

Mrs. Riti Singh, 42, came back from a family wedding and immediately felt a sudden pang of pain in her upper abdominal region, coupled with vomiting sensation. She cursed the greasy wedding food and popped an Isabgol, guessing the pain to be due to food poisoning. But only when she felt breathless and was rushed to the hospital and examined, did she realize that she had gallstones and only a laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery (removal of gallbladder through a small hole through the abdominal wall), could relieve her from her excruciating stomach pain.

Similar to Mrs. Riti, many of us take stomach cramps or abdominal pain to be related to indigestion, gas, constipation or food allergy and fail to get ourselves treated at the right time. We become our own doctors and take medicines, which in turn might cause more harm to us and at times we may be risking our life. So, let’s not continue this habit and understand about some serious abdominal conditions, which need an immediate diagnosis by a specialist.


Every human apparently has a finger sized tube called appendix, extending from our large intestine. This tube when swollen causes unbearable stomach pain, and has to be removed by surgery. If the swelling continues the tube can burst or cause perforations, through which infectious materials can be spilled and our abdominal cavity lining can get infected as well. This can be fatal if prompt care is not given.

Stomach or Peptic Ulcer

If you are experiencing symptoms like abdominal burning or indigestion, with repeated pain in the centre of your abdomen, then you might be suffering from stomach ulcer. Either caused by bacteria or due to continuous intake of high dose, non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and other pain killers routinely taken as over-the-counter medicines, these ulcers damage the lining which protects our stomach from acid break down and even displays symptoms like blood vomiting, sticky hard stool or sharp pain, if the situation gets complicated. So before the pain gets worse, visit your doctor and get treated.

Peptic ulcer or stomach ulcer can cause severe abdominal pain



Bloating sensation in the abdomen or lower tummy pain can be mistaken for gastroenteritis. But further investigation might reveal the problem as diverticulitis, which occurs when small inflamed pouches develop on the lining of the large intestine, which is a part of the bowel and causes uneasiness in the stomach. This problem is mainly seen in elderly people, who find it difficult to handle their bowel movements due to a low fibre-diet. Though this problem can be treated with antibiotics and painkillers in the initial stages, only a surgery helps if complications happen.


Diverticulitis can cause severe abdominal or stomach pain

Apart from the above mentioned conditions abdominal pain can also be caused due to irritable bowel syndrome, heartburns, bleeding in the aorta, kidney stones and other such infections.

As responsible adults, it is our duty to seek medical help from doctors, who can handle the conditions relating to stomach pain, before things go out of hand. So if you notice a severe pain in your abdomen, which is causing a concern to you, don’t hesitate to connect with your nearest healthcare professional today.