Common causes of ankle pain you should know about


Ankle stabilizes your body and helps in maintaining your body balance. Therefore, any pain or damage caused to the bones, ligaments or muscles, which support your ankle, can affect your entire body. Ankle pain can occur when you are running, jumping, stretching or even overusing your ankle at times. So let’s understand the common conditions due to which you might experience pain in you ankle. 


Ankle Sprain 

One of the most common ankle injuries that almost each one of us faces is ankle sprain. Sprain in ankle occurs, when the outer part of the ligament tissue connecting our ankle gets torn while playing, stretching or even walking briskly on an uneven surface. The most severe ankle sprain, when there is a swelling or bruising under the skin, takes a few days to heal and one has to rest well, without putting pressure on the ankle region. Pain relieving sprays, crepe bandage and ice packs also help quite a lot. 


Plantar Fasciitis 

Your front foot is connected to your heel by a thin ligament called plantar fasciitis. This ligament undergoes a lot of wear and tear every day and acts like a shock absorber for your body. Hence, if you are an athlete or obese in build, you might face pain at the bottom of your heel either due to stiffness or inflammation in the plantar fasciitis. The pain might be severe when you set your heel on the ground, after you wake up in the morning or while climbing stairs. To ease the pain you can try rubbing ice cubes on your heel or take anti inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or corticosteroid injection as per the doctor’s suggestion. 

plantar fasciatis 



All of us know that our ankle is connected in the form of a hinge by the lower leg bone and back foot bone, to allow free movement, be it up and down or side to side. In addition to this, there is a cartilage or bone cushion in our ankle joints, which needs to be in good shape to allow smooth movements. When this cartilage gets damaged, your movements become painful and your ankle joints might get stiff or even swollen at times. Noticing these signs early and taking anti inflammatory pills or applying a pain relief cream is a good option. 


Achilles Tendinitis 

Another common problem which affects even the youngsters who jump, run or walk a lot on hard surfaces without wearing the right pair of shoes, is Achilles tendinitis. This problem occurs, when the tendon connecting our calf muscle to the heel bone is over used or stressed and a swelling or pain can be noticed, along the length of the tendon. Though pain relief medicines help the pain will reduce over a few months, only if you choose an activity like swimming instead of football, where the pressure is not great on the calf and heel portion. Also walking on softer surfaces and wearing shoes with an inbuilt heel cushion, reduces the pain. 

Plantar Fascitis 


Ankle pain though might not cause a great panic initially, can affect your whole body stability if not treated on time. So make sure you are taking care of your ankle and protecting it from any kind of harmful ailment.