Epilepsy-Understand how to defeat it.

WHO has started a program designed to bridge the Gap in Epilepsy Treatment and help the countries where currently treatment is inaccessible to almost 7 out of 10 persons suffereing from Epilepsy. 

In this short video prepared by WHO, brief outline of the facts and myths around epilepsy are given along with some of the steps Health Care Professionals and Organizations can take to provide better care. 


Some facts about epilespy you should know are: 

  1. Epilepsy is not contagious. 
  2. Nothing should be forced into the mouth of the person who is having a seizure (epilepsy)
  3. Don't restrain a person having seizure. 
  4. Epilepsy can be treated, but medicines so far cannot cure it. 


There are some steps you can take to keep yourself or your family member suffering from epilepsy: 

  1. Cook with a partner, if you have a seizure while cooking alone, it can cause a serious accident. 
  2. Using microwave for most of the cooking, particularly while you are alone can be safer, in case you suffer from a seizure while cooking. 
  3. Always use unbreakable dishes and other items for household, so in case you have a seizure while holding or working, it will not break and hurt anyone. 
  4. Use shower instead of bath-tub, so you avoid the risk of drowning while you are in a tub. 
  5. Use a non-skid layer or rubber to cover the floors of bath, toilet and other wet areas in your home, to avoid sliping. 
  6. In bedroom use a seizure alert monitor or share room with someone, so you are not left alone undiscovered, incase you have seizure while sleeping. 
  7. Keep your bed clean and far from objects and furniture that can cause injury. 
  8. In your house and work place, pad sharp points and surfaces that you may get hurt from. 
  9. Keep your walkways clean of obstacles such as cords, toys and tools. 
  10. Don't use tools and applicances while you are alone.