First 3D-printed pill approved by US authorities

The FDA has previously approved medical devices - including prosthetics - that have been 3D printed.

The new drug, dubbed Spritam, was developed by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals has developed new drug Spritam, used in epilepsy to control seizures. The advantage of 3 D Printing of a drug is that it allows layers of medication to be packaged more tightly with precise dosages and upto 1000 mgs can be packed

in single tablet, which may make it easier to swallow high dosages.

The company Aprecia Pharmaceutical has also developed a technology to make swallowing of high dose
medications easer. The technology is known as ZipDose and the company plans to bring more drugs into 3D printing technology.

While 3D printed tablets are compactly packaged, while dissolving it behaves similarly to the other oral tablets.

Source: BBC NEWS