How can you identify the food item that is causing you allergy?

In India, almost 200 people die each year, due to food allergy and most of them are children. We do not think much before consuming food items like nuts, sea food or even milk in our day to day life, as we feel that these will be easily accepted by our immune system. But only when we experience conditions like nausea, stomach pain, rashes or swelling, we blame the food and opt for medication and allergy shots.  


But isn’t it always better, to identify the food items that are being rejected by our body and avoid them, rather than facing problems after eating them? If you’re wondering as to how you can do that, read on.  


Keep an eye on food triggers 


Not all food items cause you breathlessness or choking sensation. While trying out some new food item if you notice any symptom, which can be even as common as diarrhoea or vomiting, don’t assume it to be food poisoning. If your body is not accepting a particular food item, for example cashew nut, it triggers a symptom which you should keep in mind or note down in a diary. So the next time you’re eating a dessert which has cashew nut in it, you will know the result in prior and avoid it. 


 Take your dietician’s advice 


Dieticians are experts in food and nutrition and hence will be able to guide you well, if you’re experiencing a food allergy. They might give you a proper diet plan, which you will have to follow for a few days. Depending on the symptoms or illness you feel after eating certain food stuff, they will be able you diagnose you correctly. So accordingly they might tell you to avoid milk, peanuts, eggs, citrus fruits like orange etc., which you should take care of. 


food substances causing allergy 


Get a blood test done 


Has your kid been complaining about not wanting to drink milk or eat cereals as it gets stomach pain and you always thought it was just an excuse? Think again and you might be wrong. When doubts like these arise, contact an allergist, a specialist in treating allergies and get a blood test done to confirm your answer. If the result is positive, you can easily keep a tab on your kid’s food requirements. 


allergy tests 


Experiment with tiny doses 


I once went to a Thai restaurant with my friend to try the authentic cuisine. But minutes after eating a few crispy vegetables, prawn curry and rice, her face started swelling, her blood pressure dropped and she was admitted to the hospital in the semi conscious state. Now, though I could guess it was a food allergy, I dint understand which food item exactly caused her that state. Only on investigation did I get to know that she was allergic to mushrooms. Therefore, before you eat large quantities of food items that might cause an allergy, try them in small doses and check if there are any sudden or delayed reactions. 


child with food allergy 


The best way to stay away from food allergy is to completely avoid the food items which harm your body, than healing it. Even if you are buying packaged food, read the label for the ingredients present, so that there is no chance of an allergy.