Interview of Dr. Nilesh Tank (M.D.) Anesthesiologist, Intensivist & Pain Management Expert in Anand

Dr. Nilesh Tank, M.D. (Consultant Anesthesiologist, Intensivist & Pain Management Expert)  is owner of Anand Spinetics, a state-of-the-art Pain Management Center in Anand, Gujarat. He is working in the field since 2000 and has wide experience of efficiently providing anesthesia, post operative pain management and critical care to patient of polytrauma, oncosurgery, thoracic surgery, high risk (cardiac & respiratory) for non-cardiac surgery, paediatric and neonate surgery, laparoscopic basic and advance surgery, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, urological surgery and obstetric surgery.

Here is a very insighful Online Interview with Dr. Nilesh Tank.

1) What are the skills you think are required to become a better health care provider ?  

I believe that the basic pillars of success for any health care professional are through theory knowledge, proper practical application and evidence based Practice. Unless you have sufficient theoritical knowledge, you cannot develop the eyes that can see facts, you are wondering blindly while you try to diagnose and treat the patient. 

Once you acquire theoritical knowledge second important aspect is the skill to apply the knowledge in practice. I have seen a lot of professionals with sound theoritical knowledge, who simple are not that good practitioners, just because they lack the knowhow to apply their insight, clinically. 

And finally, 'Evidence Based Practice' is the essence of successful and effective clinical practice. 

2) Looking at the increasing physical and mental stress health-care professionals face every day, what is your advice for Doctors and other healthcare providers to stay healthy ? 

My advice to my fellow professionals is to work for proper care of the patients, but not after Care of finance (Money). When "caring for money" becomes your prime focus, you loose focus of your own health, family and social life. And then starts the problems. 

So keep caring for the patients, but don't forget to care for your self and your health.

3) What are the problems you / other health care providers are facing in your specialty or in medical profession as general and what do you suggest as solution. 

If I talk of my specialty, poor setup for anesthesia and post-anesthesia care are what troubles me the most in my practice. A lot of money is spent on other trival aspects in hospitals, nursing homes and institutes; but the essential infrastructure and technology required for anesthesia is frequently compromised. 

In the same manner though 'post-anesthesia-care' is as equal as the intra-operative management, frequently it is the least thought of aspect. We should learn to provide the same quality of care and concern for this also. 

4) How can the relationship between the health-care providers and users be improved ? 

In my view, 'effective communication' with the patients and their relatives regarding the disease and its best available & best possible treatment options, can decrease to a great extent the friction health care professionals face when the expections of the patients and the possible outcome do not match. 

The time a healthcare professional spends in discussing and satisfying all the questions and concerns of patients in the initial consultations and before the treatment is started, is well spent. Never try to save this time. It can get you into bed times very frequently. 

5) How would the digital media such as "Health-care mobile apps" and "Virtual or telemedicine" affect medical profession and the life of health care providers?

For the field of Anesthesia, I have not seen much useful mobile applications that can help us to record patient's data easily and we can use it for essy access when I need it. I would love to have such an application. I see a great future for the Virtual and telemedicine fields. 

An anesthetist's live would be certainly be improved by such an app customized for us. 

6) In the present time, what is your advice for people to stay healthy ? 

I personally always stress on three things : Eat, Drink and sleep "Healthy" and the Exercise comes next. 

I specifically use the word 'healthy', because most of the illnesses and health issues we see today, are because of the unhealthy food habits, unhealthy drinking habits which includes various addictions and finally the irregular sleeping habits. If people are properly taught and made aware about the 'healthy' eating, drinking and sleeping habits, there would be drastic improvement in their health. 

7) How would the digital media such as "Health-care mobile apps" and "Virtual or telemedicine" affect patients and Health-Care users ? 

Digital revolution would help people to organize their health care records properly and would prevent a lot of over testing and missed information we see today, just because of the lack of documentation.

But certainly yes, it would be necessary to maintain proper security of the data, as it is very sensitive. 

8) What do you think are the health issues of highest priority related to your specialty and what are the solutions  ? 

From the perspective of an anesthetist, proper, detailed pre-operative assessment is of highest priority and the anesthesiologist needs to specifically stress on this important aspect. 

Second priority is 'optimization of the present physical status' of the patient whenever it is possible. 

9) What should we do to create a better future of Health Care ? 

For me Honesty is the Best Policy. If we are successful in generating an Honest environment where in all health-care professionals work together, a very healthy feeling of trust would develop and would help everyone involved with the field of health-care.

10) Tell us something about yourself or anything that you would like people to know.  

Beside my field, i.e. Anesthesiology, critical care and pain management, I am very much interested in music, travelling and the digital media. I love to explore music, land and the net. 


Dr. Nilesh Tank, M.D. (Consultant Anesthetist, 

Critical Care & Pain Management Expert) 

Anand Spinetics Pain Managment Clinic,

RS Platinum Building, Opp Jade Blue, 

Anand Bhalej Road, Anand, Gujarat 388001 Phone: 02692 243370