Interview with Pratik Naker, a future Pharma Business Leader and Management Expert

Pratik Naker, B.Pharm (Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy), PGDM (School of Petroleum Management, Gandhinagar) is a future Pharma Business Leader and Management Expert. He is as present working as Intern at Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Chief manager, international relations at IIC and Manager Production at RIG starch derivatives.

We believe that the new generation of Managers and Business Leaders in the Pharma industry and Health Care sectors will play a major role in Shaping the Future of Health Care and thier views and opinion will be important for us.  

So let us hear the voice of this Aspiring Young Leader of tomorrow: Mr. Pratik Naker. 


1) What are the skills you think are required to become a better health care provider ?  

Empathy with the patient, a sound understanding of practice, keenness to keep oneself updated with new trends of diagnosis and other aspects of healthcare that are taking place around the globe.


2) Looking at the increasing physical and mental stress health-care professionals face every day, what is your advice for Doctors and other healthcare providers to stay healthy ? 

Healthy eating, including fresh produce in your diet, avoiding coffee, nicotine, alcohol and other stimulants, exercise and yoga will help keep u mentally and psychologically active.

Sleep deprivation is one problem that very frequently affects healthcare providers and there is no escape from it, thus maximising on sleep when not on call and when time permits is important. 


3) What are the problems you / other health care providers are facing in your specialty or in medical profession as general and what do you suggest as solution. 

Working under crunch and pressure situations, working late hours and continuous evaluations at work adds stress to life. A self detrimental approach will affect clinical practice and ultimately patient health provision.

The laggardness of technology adoption in our country by healthcare providers (we as Indians are technology averse) makes consultation difficult. The continuous medical education taking place physically inspite of technological advancement makes it difficult to keep updated.

I feel healtcareh providers and technology should go hand-in-hand for optimizing healthcare provision, the presence of clinical pharmacists ( doctors in pharmacy) in the hospital to fix dosage and prognosis of effective disease management


4) How can the relationship between the health-care providers and users be improved ? 

Telemedicine, health information technology, telehealth and online blogs by doctors across the country to communicate effectively with patients and imbibing patients with basic healthcare knowledge (the practice of self tutoring on medical issues and self diagnosis by patients by referring to websites that do not contain proper references and citations hampers the practice of healthcare providers) can work to improve the relationships. 


5) How would the digital media such as "Health-care mobile apps" and "Virtual or telemedicine" affect medical profession and the life of health care providers?

Telemedicine though HSS been around for 40 years, its effectiveness has begun to be exploited properly only recently. There are several advantages: 

1) chronic disorder management has become easier,

2) online consultation with other physicians across the globe has become a reality

3) psychological counselling with patients has become easier

4) the cost/time for travelling can be saved

5) coverage beyond the hospital/dispensaries has become easier as online billing and transactions can be swiftly taken care off

6) the marketing of individual clinical practice and its credibility by healthcare apps has helped channel patients to reputed and dextrous healthcare practitioners


6) In the present time, what is your advice for people to stay healthy ? 

Healthy eating, including fresh produce in your diet, avoiding coffee, nicotine, alcohol and other stimulants, exercise and yoga will help keep u mentally and psychologically active. 


7) How would the digital media such as "Health-care mobile apps" and "Virtual or telemedicine" affect patients and Health-Care users ? 

Internet has scores of websites providing medical information which may be false, misleading and non-validated by references pertaing to clinical study data. It's very important for the people to know how to properly and effectively use these media and should keep the following in mind: 

1) Referring to government health portels like pubmed to supplement your knowledge helps the practitioner too.

2)refrain from self diagnosing your situation

3) engage yourself in social interactions involving healthcare providers through authentic platforms

4) Search wih specific keywords and make your search specific and reliable


8) What do you think are the health issues of highest priority related to your specialty and what are the solutions  ? 

To tackle the present health problems the doctors and health care providers should keep the following in mind: 

1) Ask patients (frequenters) if the would be interested in online consultation ( chronic disorders) .

2) substituting/including a new Medicine brand in your basket of treatment has to be monitored effectively to know its efficacy which can be done through telemedicine

3) Health information management to supplement practice

4)online appointments/cancellations etc


9) What should we do to create a better future of Health Care ? 

The future of HealthCare is definitely going to be bright as new professionals and business leaders are coming foreard with a lot of innovative solutions and ideas. I think the key factors to consider will be: 

1) Engaging in online discussions with patients and knowledge sewhile

2) Engage in discussions with other practitioners

3) Engaging in eCMEs to update current knowledge

4) Improve your network of relevant professionals who can provide 24*7 medical knowledge,

5) engage patients (point Of contact) to participate in the online discussions all the while maintaining doctor-patient confidentiality,

6) make a section on the website specially to promote medical practice (break throughs, advancements, history and future trends of medicine and its practice

7) the GUI of the platform should be iinteractive and user friendly


10) Tell us something about yourself or anything that you would like people to know.  

Websites and mobile apps like MedicalTribe are very important as they provide relevant information and help in the prevention and effective management of disorders. I wish the people at the healm of this initiative luck. Keeping patients at the centre of their practice is what MedicalTribe is all about and that's most important


Pratik Naker 

B.Pharm (Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy) 

PGDM (School of Petroleum Management, Gandhinagar)

Intern at Cadila Pharmaceuticals,

Chief manager, international relations at IIC

 Manager Production at RIG starch derivatives.