Knowing is not enough

KNOWING is not enough,you must APPLY. WILLING is not enough, you must DO.

Since the time we were born, we were taught to learn so many things. We keep of knowing and learning different things everyday of our life. But how many of us really 'applies' it ?????

We know that we should not use cellphones while driving, do we really apply ?

We know that we should spare time with out family, at least as much time as we do with our Facebook friends, do we really apply ?

We belonging to the medical community do know A to Z of how to maintain good health, do we really apply this knowledge for our own health?

There is a never ending list of things (you can share some of yours too), but the point is, we all know a lot, but from today start applying at least one thing everyday into practice.

Knowing is essential, applying is must.