Quick Tips for BodyBuilding in a Healthy Way

Body Building requires to follow some basic steps so that is becomes a healthy process and helps you shape your body with minimum stress and maximum fun: 


  1. Along with enough PROTEINs you need to take sufficient CALORIES to build body.
  2. Take good amount of CARBOHYDRATES so that body does not degrade PROTEINS for energy. 
  3. Eat multiple meals, so you can divide your net calorie intake into manageable portions. 
  4. Take a good PREWORKOUT meal consisting of slow metabolizing carbohydrates. 
  5. Take a healthy quantity of WATER to prevent dehydration during workouts. 
  6. Take a good time to REST so that your body can replenish and grow. 
  7. Never go more than 2 weeks without a CHANGE in the type of workouts you do so that it's not boring.