The Best Tips and Home Remedies to Cure Constipation

Constipation is unpleasant.  It is a condition characterized by reduced frequency of excretion of the bowel, often accompanied by bloating. Potty problems may be disgusting and you cannot share the fact even with your best pal. There is no need to get embarrassed about this condition, after all everyone suffers from it.

Some common tips to ease and prevent constipation

  • Drink a lot of water. Water keeps you hydrated and eases the bowel movement. It helps excretion and reduces stomach bloating.
  • Eat a lot of fiber rich foods. Fiber is essential to regulate the bowel movements.
  • Move and move.  When you lack physical activity, the accumulated waste stay still inside your body.
  • Get some oil in your food. Oil lubricates the body and prevents dryness of stool.

How to get rid of constipation? Check out these tips and home remedies:

Establish a routine for defecation

 Scheduling a routine for defecation isn’t just for kids and puppies. Irregular defecation is also a major cause of constipation. The body has an innate clock and works according to the clock. Establish a routine of your bathroom visit, which eventually will regulate the bowel.

regular defecation routine to prevent constipation

The best time for excretion is morning between 5 am to 7 am, where the intestines work at their best.

Raisins – A fiber rich laxative

Raisins come handy to treat constipation with ease. A handful of raisins before you sleep help you excrete the built-up wastes with ease. Alternatively, soak raisins in warm water and drink the water the next day.

It is a safer home remedy with no side effects. Even if your child suffers from constipation, you can feed raisins.

Castor Oil – An ancient remedy

Castor oil is the best remedy to cure even the chronic constipation. Even if you haven’t excreted for more than 2 or 3 days, this will ease your bowel movement.

In ancient days, castor oil has been used to cleanse the internal organs completely. People had the habit of taking an ounce of castor oil orally twice a year. It is an induced excretion that eliminates all toxins from the body and keeps the gut healthy.

Castor oil to cure constipation

Take a teaspoon of castor oil orally. If you cannot bear the odd smell of castor oil, mix it with milk and drink it before you go to bed.

Besides, you can also drink a spoonful of castor oil mixed in warm water as the first thin in the morning to treat and prevent constipation.

Coffee Morning

Coffee is a natural stimulant. A cup of coffee uplifts the mood. In fact, there are many who couldn’t survive with a coffee and enjoying the heavenly aroma in the morning. Coffee stimulates your digestive system and helps excreting with ease. Drink a cup of hot coffee in the morning and it will help you.

coffee for constipation

Don’t drink more than 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day. It may react opposite and lead to chronic constipation.

Cleanse from inside out

There are so many reasons you drink warm water with lemon. Now, take it for your constipation. Lemon is a natural stimulant and cleanses the colon. It removes the excess wastes accumulated in your colon and cleanses the internal organs.

Squeeze a lemon in a glass of warm water. Add honey (an extra stimulant for digestion) for extra flavor. Drink it in the morning.

Should you go for laxatives to treat constipation?

Laxatives often come handy to help you get rid of constipation. However, you should not rely on laxatives for a long time. Besides, it is not recommended to use laxatives for more than a couple of times without a prescription from a doctor.