Top reasons why you should never neglect "bleeding gums"

Hush rush day! Hurrying to get ready for work! Too busy for a healthy morning routine! An alarming sight can halt all your action when you are in a hurry! Seeing a few drops of blood when you spit the toothpaste is not a normal thing. You immediately have to check your gums. You can find a little bruising on the gum that leaks the blood. Sometimes, wrong brushing technique or hard bristles may affect the gums and cause bleeding.

Aggressive brushing!

Bleeding gums is often an indicator that your oral health is sub-par. You just need to think a lot about how to improve your oral hygiene. Analyze the way you brush your teeth. Brush less aggressively and use brush with soft bristles.

In addition to oral health, a bleeding gum is associated with a lot of complicated health conditions. Gum bleeding indicates, something went wrong in your body that may or may not have an association with oral health!

Will you neglect bleeding eye or bleeding nose? Bleeding gum isn’t a joke! Even if your oral health and hygiene is commendable, your gums may bleed.

Why you shouldn’t neglect bleeding gum?


It is a disease of the gums. When the plaque stuck in-between your teeth are not removed, it leads to inflammation of the gums. Plaque is formed when you eat sugar and starch foods. Gingivitis and bleeding gums

Bacterial Infection:

The major symptom of bacterial infection is bleeding gum followed by inflammation of the gums. When left untreated, the infection also affects the periodontitis, the bone that supports the teeth. It eventually affects the tissues and leads to loss of tooth!

Bacterial infection in your mouth may easily find its way to travel across your body and mix up with the bloodstream. If the bacteria bond with blood platelets, it leads to blood clots. The effects of blood clots on the body are quite harmful! It can result with strokes, heart attack, and brain diseases. Besides, it also affects the respiratory and digestive systems.

Bleeding Disorder

Bleeding gum is a warning sign that your body is unable to clot blood! Termed as hemophilia, your body has some difficulty in clotting the blood. This disorder is manifested through gums as gums are more prone to incessant bleeding!

A Warning Sign of Oral Cancer

bleeding gums: a warning sign for serious diseases

In rare cases, bleeding gum might be a warning sign that have oral cancer. Only a dentist can diagnose the symptoms and provide appropriate treatment. If you have experienced bleeding gum more than one time, you should schedule a visit to dentist twice a year to avoid the complications.


Also known as cancer of the blood cells, gum bleeding is a common sign of leukemia.

Other Causes of Bleeding Gums

  • Poor nutrition or poor absorption of nutrition affects the health, which includes gums. Deficiency if vitamin C and vitamin K leads to bleeding gum. 
  • Inappropriate fittings  of the dentures
  • Allergic reaction to certain medications
  • Dry mouth – Dehydration
  • Hormonal imbalance

When you notice your gum bleeding, rush to the dentist immediately and get the condition diagnosed. Early diagnosis and proper treatment helps you avoid any complications.