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Buy One Body Profile & Get One Free @ 1400

Buy One Body Profile & Get One Free @ 1400

VIP LAB 21st Anniversary Scheme BUY ONE BODY PROFILE & GET ONE FREE Two body profiles with 46 tests @ Rs. 1400 and up-to 55% discount on any lab tests

Our Price : 3000

Limited Time Offer : 1400

What are the benefits of this scheme ?

VIP LAB 21st Anniversary Limited Period Scheme BUY ONE BODY PROFILE & GET ONE FREE Two body profiles with 46 tests @ Rs. 1400 :

Features of this Limited Period Scheme are: 

1) Pay for one body profile (38 tests) worth Rs. 1400 and get one similar body profile free. 

  • This body profiles can be done for any one of your family member. 
  • There is no time limit to get this body profile done. You can use this profile even after one year. 

2) Rs. 1000 (from Rs. 1400 you pay) will remain as deposit and you get this amount adjusted against any lab tests you get done in future as explained in the point no 3. 

  • So effectively you pay only Rs. 200 for one body profile consisting of 38 tests. 

3) Get up-to 55% discount on lab tests for any of your 7 (up-to) family members. 

  • When-ever you get any lab test done, you get 25% discount on routine tests and 10% discount on profiles and specialized lab tests. 
  • From the amount after this discount, 30% gets adjusted from your Rs. 1000 deposit and you have to pay only the remain amount. 
  • So effectively you get up-to 55% discount on lab tests, till your deposit balance is zero. 
  • Once the desposit is zero, you can again renew with Rs. 1400 from which you get 2 body profiles and Rs. 1000 as your new deposit balance. 

4) Free home service: 

  • For sample collection. 
  • Report Delivery. 

Test Details (Parameters included : 46)


No. of Parameters

Precautions : Avoid any food or beverages during the 8 to 10 hours prior to the sample collection. Avoid smoking or alcohol intake. You can have water or medicines as stated by your doctor.

Who should get tested for this Body Profile Lab Test ?

As you get discount on all types of blood tests and home service this profile is useful for any patient who has to get regular lab tests done. 

  • Sedentary life style - you are not living an active life-style and not doing sufficient exercise and work-out. 
  • Stressfule life - either due to your work or due to your family problems if you are suffering from excess daily stress. 
  • Family history of long term diseases such as heart, lung, kidney, liver, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. 
  • Addictions - if you are having addictions or habbits such as smoking, alcolol etc. 
  • Eating habbits - if you follow an irregular eating habbits and are frequently having unhealthy and junk food. 
  • Disturbed sleep - when for more than a few days. 
  • Medicine or drug use - if for more than a few days (to detect any side effects)

Why should you get tested for this Lab Test Body Profile ?

Our modern life style, working pattern and eating habbits cause damage to our health, both short term and long term; and if not detected in early stage can result in some serious health problems. Frequenly these health problems do not cause any early warning symptoms or signs and so go undetected untill the disease has progressed and reached a stage when treatment is not possible or difficult.

When you get tested for this Body Profile, it screens for liver, kidney, heart, diabetes, general health status and for any long term pathology in your body. If any of the test results are abnormal your health-care provider (doctor) can advice you to take necessary steps to get you better and avoid any irreversible damage to your body.

What are the benefits of this Body Profile Scheme ?

This Body Profile helps to detect early any problems related to the following : 

  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Heart
  • Diabetes
  • Infections
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases
  • Blood disorders like anemia, cancer, etc
  • General Body Condition

When should you get this Body Profile Scheme ?

You should get this Body Profile test: 

Screening interval based on your age: 

  • Once every 4 to 5 years between the age 9 to 30
  • Every 2 years between the age 31 to 40
  • Every year between the age 41 and above. 

Every 6 months to every year if: 

  • You suffer from any long term disease or health condition. 
  • You are taking any medicines or drugs for more than a few days to detect any side effects. 
  • If you are experiencing excess stress in work or family life. 
  • If you are having irregular sleep pattern or less than 7 to 8 hours of health night sleep for more than a few days. 
  • If you have a habbit or addiction such as smoking, nicotin, alcohol etc. 
  • If you have a family history of liver, kidne, heart, disease or chronic problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc. 
  • If adviced by your doctor. 

Other Packages

VIP Total Body Profile: 72 Tests @ 1999

Parameters covered : 46
Includes :

Urine Analysis Complete Blood Count (CBC) Lipid Profile Fasting Blood Sugar Serum Protein with A/G Ratio + 6 More
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Basic Body Profile : 45 tests @ 999

Parameters covered : 46
Includes :

Urine Analysis Complete Blood Count (CBC) Lipid Profile Fasting Blood Sugar Serum Protein with A/G Ratio + 6 More
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VIP Executive Body Profile : 82 tests @ 2999

Parameters covered : 46
Includes :

Urine Analysis Complete Blood Count (CBC) Lipid Profile Fasting Blood Sugar Serum Protein with A/G Ratio + 6 More
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Mini Body Profile : 36 tests @ 499

Parameters covered : 46
Includes :

Urine Analysis Complete Blood Count (CBC) Lipid Profile Fasting Blood Sugar Serum Protein with A/G Ratio + 6 More
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