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Liver Function Test (LFT) - Routine

Liver Function Test (LFT) - Routine

Liver function tests, also known as liver chemistry, help determine the health of your liver by measuring the levels of proteins, liver enzymes, and bilirubin in your blood.

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Why test for Liver Function Test (LFT) - Routine

Liver Function Test (LFT) or Liver Profile Test is a test that helps to assess the function of the liver. These tests are requested when there are symptoms of liver problems or liver disease. There is no single test that can assess the liver function completely because the liver performs numerous functions in the body; therefore, the Liver function tests can be group into Liver function blood test, liver imaging test, liver biopsy, urine test and test of coagulation. Not all of these tests are done in a patient with liver disease and the test commonly done when a liver function test is requested is the blood test because it is cheaper; other ones are only requested based on the individual need of every patient coming with liver problems.

  • Parameters Included : 6
  • Reporting Time : 12 hours
  • Fasting Time : Not Required

Test Details (Parameters included : 6)


No. of Parameters

Precautions : None